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Tustin, CA
About Hidden Strength:
Hidden Strength Behavioral Health focuses on adolescents and their family. We are a multicultural youth and family counseling center established to meet the mental health needs of all population of our community. We know the value of being heard and understood. We have therapists and services that will cater to your unique needs so that you can be empowered, restored, and happy.

Dr. Pham is a big proponent of having the family or caregiver involved in the individual's treatment by educating the family on their role on helping their loved one deal with mental illness. She also believes in treating mental illness as a whole and having a multi-disciplinary team involved in the individual's treatment.
Dr. Pham is an active member in community promoting mental health awareness and substance use awareness. As a first generation Filipino-American, Dr. Pham is a passionate advocate for the Asian community helping to de stigmatize the subject of mental health and substance abuse. She was a presenter for the Cultural Competency and Mental Health Summit XVIII and Cultural Competency Summit XX.
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