Deborah Dennison, MA

Brain XP
Youth Mental Health Advocate - Brain XP
Anaheim Convention Center
I am Debbie Dennison or better known as Christine Marie Frey's Mom! Upon my daughter's diagnosis and subsequent journey, I discovered the true damage stigma and ignorance can cause to those affected with mental health struggles. With my daughter's courage, I have joined her in her advocacy & the Brain XP Project. The Brain XP Project's goal is TEEN HELPING TEENS. As Christine says "teens are far more likely to listen to their teen friends than adults." Brain XP focuses on the expanded creative, insightful, and empathetic functions of the brain that most youth with mental health challenges possess. It directs us to change the language of mental health to become more positive and thus more accepting of help. Once youth are not afraid to seek help, we have begun to walk the road to long term mental health maintenance and recovery!
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